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Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of Mind

Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of Mind? I very much believe so. It just happened to me recently when I and my family have been enjoying a trip to a sea side. It was a really hot day already when we have arrived. First we had a little walk on the promenade, then we have stopped for a quick lunch. While my youngest daughter has been enjoying her chips from a fish and chips shop(they did really smell nice and appealing). Me and my fiance Petra we have had a healthy packed lunch from home. It was hard to resist and not to have some too, but we made it.

Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of MindThen we stopped for a visit to a Sea Life center in Hunstanton with the kids as they love any kind of animals. It was lovely, but at the same time it was incredibly hot inside and “I was sweating like a pig”. OK, there is nothing you can’t do for your kids, right. I have survived that. Then the unavoidable just happened.

Beach Time!?

I was hoping that the kids will just say, now we are going to have some fun on the fun fair, but hey, they have decided to go on the beach and have some fun in the sea. This is no good, I said to myself. Now I am going to sit on the beach in this hot day and watch my kids having fun and cooling themselves in the water. That is just great. I was starting to be a little moody(maybe that’s not the right word for it, but I go with this). I really wanted too, missed it so much since I have been obese and felt ashamed of my body. I wanted to take off my shirt and just go for it. So, Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of Mind? Let’s find out, shall we.

I did it!

Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of MindI did it and in very long time I wasn’t ashamed anymore. I had a little swim in the sea, I didn’t care and I was so happy. My Petra(my fiance), she has been in totally shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes. Last time she saw me swimming, well – “I don’t really know if she ever did and we are together almost 14 years”. I can assure you that I did not lose a ton of weight( I did some, but not on my target weight yet), so that is not the case.

LCHF (low carb high fat) WOE (way of eating)

Well, I am going to blame this amazing WOE (way of eating) LCHF (low carb high fat). Since I started this woe on 17.06.2018 the first change I have spotted was increase of energy, very welcomed one must admit. Next change was even better, from day three of eating this way, I didn’t have a single heartburn “I had them on a daily bases”. Weight lose is also a welcomed side effect. But the main reason for me to follow LCHF WOE is better management of my blood sugar levels “for diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics this is the main concern”.

Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of Mind?

And now, my state of mind is improving too. What an amazing feeling it is, I can’t even describe it. I didn’t feel so happy with myself for long time(to be honest I can be a real pain and very and become grumpy at times). I believe that my family also see this little changes. It makes me even more happy and more determined to carry on.

So, to answer the question – Does Low Carb High Fat WOE Helps Improve State Of Mind?


Hope you have enjoyed this little story about my state of mind and the long journey I have decided to go on. Thank you for the time you have spent reading this post, I really appreciate that. If you can, please leave an encouragement comment. It helps me to stay focused at my set targets, where one of them is “”LIVE HAPPY TYPE 2 DIABETES FREE LIFE””.

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