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About Me

Lukas Grumlik

Born in Czech Republic. My name is Lukas Grumlik, family man and dad of two beautiful daughters. With a passion for good food and not really a sporty fella, I did put up some extra weight to carry. Couple of years ago I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and all the things that are related to obese people.

Now, I did set up this blog and decided to write everything I will do to lose weight and totally reverse my Type 2 Diabetes.

I am ready to take this very hard journey and I will be doing this for me and for my beautiful daughters. I want to see them grow up, going to uni, support them in everything they decide to do and one day I believe that I will see and support their kids too.

I would like people to join me on this journey, support each other and once for all beat this increasing health problem.

You can JOIN my Facebook group here ==>> Fighting Type 2 Diabetes <<==

I and the members will give you all the support you need. I will also share all the products I use to help me overcome all obstacles on this journey to happy life.

If you don’t want to join the Facebook group and would like stay anonymous, you can always SUBSCRIBE and get all post straight to your inbox.

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