Old Money Making Method Posting Ads

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Old method . . . on how to make money by posting some ads on classified advertising sites

1. Post Some Ads.

Make Money Online Noob Friendly Guide
Make Money Online Noob Friendly Guide

Find some local classified advertising sites or any available in your country (google them)

Example : Unwated PS4 for Sale (This could be anything, use your imagination)

2. Make Your Price SUPER CHEAP

3. Explain Why So Cheap

You got it as a birthday present from a relative, but you already have one and would prefer the money. Cheap price is so you get the money sooner than later.

4. Receive a Ton of Emails

5. Reply to emails after Waiting

– Let the emails accumulate over 24 hours.
– Copy the emails in case you lose the email account.
– Then Email each one.


Hi Fred,

Apologies for taking so long to return your email. Still a bit hungover from my birthday. LOL Unfortunately I sold the PS4 in the first hour of putting up the ad. Sorry about that. I don’t know if you’re interested, but this is where my relative got it: (insert CPA link to email submit win a PS4). He got it for free off there. I haven’t tried it myself, but I hope it helps you out.

Best wishes,

Long Dong Silver III

Most email submits pay a few bucks. The above email sucks balls, but if you work at it, you should convert 1 in 10 easily. Email 500+ people a day and even at $2 for 50 conversions, you’re doing $3,000 a month.

I don’t use this any more, and it’s an oldie but still works, so have fun if you’ve never heard it before.

If you need some more info on this, post a comment below. I will answer it as soon as I can.

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