Hello and Welcome to Cryptocurrency Mining For Local Gymnastics Club Donation page.

I will explain what this project is about and how you can help to keep it going, what is needed for it to run and how the donations will be used.

Why Local Gymnastics Club (LynnSport):

Every time I go to the Gymnastics Club with my daughter (6 years old), I see that they looking for donations on the notice board. It hurts to see notices like this and knowing that I can’t help because of the financial situation, so I have decided to run this project instead.


What The Donations Will Be Used For:

The whole amount raised will be used to purchase equipment for the Burstcoin mining which requires working external Hard Drives/HDD. I won’t go into technical details at the moment.

When all equipment is set up and ready to start generating Burstcoins then whatever amount it generates in a week will be split 70/30 where the 70% will go to the local Gymnastics club and 30% will be used to cover running cost (PC maintenance, electricity cost etc.)

Account details and the donation process will be documented and updates will be posted here along with pictures or video from the donation day.


How Can You Help:

  1. Option:  if you have or you know someone who has a broken laptop or desktop PC with working hard drive/HDD then the best way of helping would be to donate the broken laptop or PC to this project. I will take care of the technical details and will collect it within 10 miles from King’s Lynn.
  2. Option: if you can’t use option 1, you can still help by donating a small amount of money using the form below.

This is a long time project and even if you donate now/or just once, this project will run from your donation for years to come or as long as the Burstcoin will be available to be mined and exchanged for GBP or USD.



If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below. I will answer within few hours.


Technical Details – The Boring Stuff:

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