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Bad Carbs Day Lesson Learned

I have promised to write a post today as I have been really quiet for few days. It is about my bad carbs day.

Bad Carbs Day Lesson Learned

Bad carbs day, we all have them sometimes and how we deal with them is really important.  After lunch yesterday I was feeling a little bit “let’s say” not satisfied, still with some space in my tummy and with the warm weather I did Bad Carb Day Peanut butter ice creamoped in for an Ice cream with peanut butter(first time since on LCHF). Sorry to say that, but there is nothing better than Ice cream with peanut butter(my favourite).

Lesson Learned

I soon learned what a big mistake I have made. From that moment I couldn’t stop craving for more carbs and it was driving me mad. I caught my self standing in front of the fridge and lurking in the kitchen more than anything else. My body has been playing games with me that day and still wanted more and more carbs. After dinner I had another bowl of the same Ice cream with peanut butter. I was like a “well without bottom”.
From 9pm my fasting starts, so didn’t eat anything. As some of you already know I do 16/8 Intermittent Fasting every day, more about “IF” here “=> Introduction To Intermittent Fasting ” but to my surprise I did not manage to finish the fast and had to have my lunch 2 hours earlier. Since then I was doing well and didn’t need to snack on anything until dinner. No treat after dinner either.
Bad Carbs Day Lesson Learned

More Challenges and Lessons To Come

So, lesson learned. The more carbs you eat during a day, the more carbs cravings you are going to have. Having said that, we all need to treat our-self’s a little for the hard work and the constant battle we have to fight.  We also have to be wise about it and not to over do it. It is very easy to slip back to your old bad habits and we know it will be hard to take control once again.

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